Fourteen years ago, author William Stuart began to explore the darkest regions of our planet and five years later he had enough data to support the claim that a strain of the Knights Templar had ensured that the American War of Independence, French Revolution, American Civil War, Russian Revolution, WW1 and WW2 took place. Five more years passed, and William discovered that when the Russian Revolution, heavy with Templar Masonry, began to fail because of the ‘peasant farmers’ loyalty to their Tsar, Rothschild, Khun Loeb, Warburg, J.P.Morgan, Rockefeller, Fabian Society Round Table and the American International Company applied direct funding to cover up the failure. The author knew that the Templars were controlled by American finance, who took orders from Geneva and that this organisation had designed seven strategic wars as a blueprint for financial gain and the growth of the New World Order as far back as 1710. They matched their seven wars to the “breaking of 7 seals” in the Book of Revelation, as all had been initiated into Red Masonry called Armageddon Masonry, using verses from that last book of the Bible. At this stage of his research William suspected that there was a potential seventh war, which could be seen as a mock up of Armageddon, so he set out to discover whether 9.11 and the chaos in the Middle East were connected, and if both events had originated from this satanic cabal. A compelling and exciting read, 9:11 to Armageddon is over 300 pages of brilliant research that is an absolute must for anyone interested in understanding the subversive organisations that run our world and how they have created every war since the American War of Independence.

One of the most original of thinkers, William Stuart, author, discovered that democracy was also hiding a perpetual network of occult lodges involved in international greed and the creation of monopolies, espionage and war making, and, in harness with Swiss banking and an industrial-military complex, this dark cabal, with the ability to write itself out of history, had directly caused the American War of Independence, French Revolution and American Civil War. (See The Great European Secret by William Stuart).

But the same bankers’ caused much older wars and conflicts also in more modern times from a 7-war blueprint produced by top 18th century agent Antonio Conti.  William then examined WW1 and WW2 in a yet to be published ‘Demons of the Third Reich’ that proved that Hitler, a Knights Templar of the High Armanen Order, was recruited as a schoolboy into groups set up in Austria in 1781, in a Third Reich driven by the very same bankers.  So much detailed information was available (once this more recent method of war making was understood), that William held back “Demons of the Third Reich” and applied what he had learned to the modern mysteries of 9.11, “terrorism” and the Middle East.

The author was able to show what really happened at 9.11, a horror linked to the same cabal, which has also planned its hoped for WW3 as from 1710 in Saudi Arabia.  The Jews and Muslim Brotherhood were then and are now designed to clash as a final start of a conflict after many faceless revolutions that the Arabs expect historically to pre-figure the final war and the return of the 12th Imam, Al-Mahdi. Such revolution has brought the “radicalised” Brotherhood to power in Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and by intention in Syria and Iran. 

The final plans for WW3 were made 120 years (1881) before 9.11.  They include a fake Armageddon Bible, an altered Quran, lodges spreading ideas of a Jewish, Arab, Templar Lodge and Christian Armageddon, and the employment of Irgun and Hamas by the same bankers to promote eternal tensions. In this cutting edge research, digging into espionage, black lodge occultism, mass murder, profiteering and war making, William brings his fascinating trilogy to a head with “9.11 to Armageddon”, an almost prophetic vision of WW3, designed as the last, religious war of 7 wars, as first outlined by defrocked priest and top agent Conti in 1710, planned in detail by a Rothschild from 1881, and presented on September 11 2001 by the Hawks

The Chapters
Chapter 1    A world Without Votes
Chapter 2    Young Turks and Young Israel
Chapter 3    Armageddon Masonry
Chapter 4    1881 and Gnostic Bible
Chapter 5    The Seventh Seal and 9.11
Chapter 6    European Union
Chapter 7    The Middle East
Chapter 8    Undercover Mosque
Chapter 9    Operation Deception
Chapter 10   David Kelly
Chapter 11   Safari, Shield and Cercle
Chapter 12   Bin Laden
Chapter 13   BCCI
Chapter 14   Trilateral is PNAC
Chapter 15.  9.11 and building 7
Chapter 16.  Twin Towers
Chapter 17   The Pentagon
Chapter 18   Nazi extensions
Chapter 19   Armageddon