So what is the Great European Secret? It is the true story of the history of the banking system of Europe and their secret societies. It is an explanation of what we as a society have endured in order to further their perverted agenda and the plans that have already been set in motion for the creation of a new political system based upon Nazism and Communism. Having been responsible for virtually every war, the secret lodges and their financiers have been at the helm of society’s every significant change that has benefit none but themselves and all to the same end which is the centralisation of power. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, these same Venetian bankers are still connected to some of the private banks today that are serving the same masters. The author, William Stuart believes that such is the importance of this information that we should all have access to it, the knowledge that will expose the true reality of who is running our society and how they are doing it, so that we can take back our world from the internationalists and put a stop to their warmongering once and for all.

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In circulation at the moment is the idea that human concentration and ability to hold ideas has dropped to a low level.  Yet when the electronics industry of recent times produced a difficult game… it was a world’s bestseller in seeming contradiction to the general view that lightweight information is what we all want and need.

The author, William Stuart, has been faced with the dilemma that all of us should have the knowledge denied to us for a little less than 2,000 years, but that to gain that insight we are required to think “outside the box” and to be real pioneers ourselves. 

We need new thinking about our democracy.  It takes courage, but we have that, despite being told that the “masses” are without the pioneering spirit so obvious in our ancestry.  And, if we are going to sort out our world and take it back from the “internationalists”, we have believe in ourselves as the electorate who can learn, discuss, vote and elect. If anything gets in our way it will secret, occult and of central financial root.

We have to face up to an enemy that re-writes our history, (education) dominates our economy (finances), infiltrates our religions or destroys all faith systems (ecclesiology) and takes over our national affairs (politics) by shadow government, the creation of usury and dominance of a socialism, which promotes the left wing but is an extreme right wing presence.

The revelations in the Great European Secret do not stop with the despoiling of the peace years.  Most wars In Europe were caused by the first central bank or Fondo of Venice (AD 697) after it gained access to Europe and Britain in 1150AD.  This same Venetian banking is now an alliance with some, but not all, of the private, central banks of today. 

Such a “Brotherhood”, whilst benefiting from the looting carried out by their Grandfathers, and living in high style in large houses, yet lays down the plans for the next war or social upheaval, but always 120 years before society suffers such manifestations.  The dead cannot be judged, only their uniformed play actors are brought to account as seen in events such as the Nuremberg trials after WW2.


Many books promise the solving of issues and deliver very little.  The Invisible College, The Great European Secret is a historical expose of some weight.  It is not a light read, but it tells you the things you must know to make your democracy and your decision makers sit up and take notice of you. 

It will aid your own research by providing all the avenues that are needed for another look at what we want in heart, home and nation, as opposed to the lust of the “internationalists” for central control over our lives. 

We are about to lose our freedom to a “new” political system that combines and is founded upon Communism and Nazism, both systems having been created in Geneva by the secret lodges and their financiers, and brought into practical existence through 120-140 Broadway, New York.  Yet horrifying though this is, it is no more that the resurrection of the BC years of Druid and Roman occupation.

A short description of the chapters will assist the pioneers and researchers, the thinkers and the activists of a new generation to begin to relate together, just as bad men have already combined.  If we are to have a future at all, and we will have one with your help, it is to be through gaining knowledge where others would suppress it, sharing what we know by every means possible, and never, ever allowing the politicians to suppress public referenda

The thin line between democracy and oligarchy (rule by the few) has been crossed.  Now it is time through peaceful entrenchments and singleness of purpose to turn a back on “internationalists”, and to refuse to co-operate with their greed and de-regulation.  Such a battle cannot be won until some politicians realize that their friend and advisor has a brother in another country who also plays chess with national finance, education, politics and religion.

Such a battle is never against the good governments and institutions of the “establishment”, unless they are corrupted in part.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s the oligarchy taught their disciples (the Frankfurt movement) to teach us to rebel against all that was dear to the home, the heart and the nation. 

Our job is to find out what is behind the darkness, the sinister, the enslaving of the people, and then to know and use the power of knowledge, but used peacefully and in a good cause.  A nation learning to say “no” to international bankers is a nation that survives, but one that thinks it can deal with and be at peace with this menace will be ensnared from within and without.

With some years in uniform as a navigator on the high seas and all the loyalty and discipline that this entails, and with a later profession that has had required the giving of allegiance to the Queen, the author both respects the burden of those in authority in the nations, and also the rights of the individual to be heard and to be free. 

In this way “The Invisible College: The Great European Secret” may be a radical if not the radical departure from the trodden path of the centuries, but it is written in recognition that Marx and Engels (for instance) and any radical revolutionaries have much to hide

Our way to change is to find the truth and to speak it and to so communicate it with infuriating passion, so that only the corrupt sleepers in the establishment, rising into view on a tide of knowledge, are forced into the retirement that they so richly deserve. 


Chapter 1 The Making of Secret Society
Most people will want to know about the Greek Mysteries that form the basis of Red Masonry today.  And the bankers have their own man of 666, but did you know that?  

Chapter 2 The Knights Templar
We may read what really happened to the Knights Templar of 1095.   Later, the Templar presence will be explained, for instance, when the Grand Master of Templars called for the United States of Europe in 1849.

Chapter 3 The Doorway to Europe, AD 1150
The Great European Secret began in AD 1150, when the Knights Templar opened four lodges to dominate Britain and Europe, and acted as masks for the Lombard, international bankers.  They occupied and then bankrupted Britain and Europe until the 1340 crisis saw them driven back to Venice over the next hundred years.

Chapter 4 The Mystery of Rennes-le –Chateau
In Rennes-le-Chateau, France, the Templar set up a shrine to the man of 666and stayed there into the 18th and 19th century.  Some say they, or their influences, are still guarding the shrine.   

Chapter 5 The Order of Sion
This occult branch of the Knights Templar has a nasty habit of being found wherever the bankers go, not something others have noticed.

Chapter 6 Fratres Lucis
People will talk about the Illuminati and have no idea what it is.  So we use a different name to describe about 200 occult lodges and groups working together with much the same creeds, one of which has developed Armageddon Masonry.  

Chapter 7 Da Vinci Codes
Da Vinci did paint Mary Magdalene into his rendering of the Last Supper.  He was the Grand Master of Sion and his message was about a second Lombard invasion of Great Britain, started in the Reformation and completed in 1600.  

Chapter 8 Templar Red Masonry
Freemasons have been good family members and are loyal to their country.  Their secrecy, however, allows for another secret society to use and abuse their good name.

Chapter 9 Invasion and the British East India Company
The Venetian bankers moved their administration to Geneva and invaded Britain a second time, starting in the reign of Henry V111.  The invaders controlled the (British) East India Company that in turn occupied the lands of a fifth of the population of the world.  We discuss the Bank of England, slavery and paper money, and the occupation or subversion of the British “establishment”, later repeated in America.

Chapter 10 - Agent Conti,Isaac Newton, the Royal Society,& Scientific Fraud   
Enemy agents operated in Britain and learned to infiltrate places of learning and also how to remove Christian scientists and moral thinkers in favour of nations then controlled by dirty minds, which became ripe for subversion.

Chapter 11 -  Franklin, Hell Fire Clubs, and Shugborough Secrets
These Staffordshire codes at Shugborough defeated Darwin, Dickens and even Bletchley Park code breakers.  Here revealed, they illuminate the Oxford Hell Fire Club as the major spy centre in Britain at the time of the America War of Independence.  Hell Fire is the Lombard EMR Mystery, of course.

Chapter 12 - The First Seal: Boston Tea Party and War of Independence
Agent Conti of the Lombard banking system devised seven wars.  The first brought about the American War of Independence.  The Lombard “Fratres Lucis” of Conti and of Venice contained Armageddon Masonry, in which all members would be initiated using the Book of Revelation and in instruction to cause seven pivotal wars.

Chapter 13 - The Second Seal: The French Revolution
The French Revolution was caused by Swiss based Lombard money, Templar lodges and Lord Shelburne of Bowood in England, and was planned in about 1711 by Lombard agent Antonio Conti. It was the second war or “second seal” as found in the Book of Revelation.

Chapter 14 - Napoleon
A notable Knights Templar, Napoleon tried to complete the “second seal”.

Chapter 15 - The Third Seal: The American Civil War
We know what the history book tells us.  But a Conti agent went to South Carolina in 1730, keeping in touch with Frontenex Castle in Switzerland, his Grandson setting off the Civil War about 120 years later.  Antonio Guiseppi, Lombard agent, was in America steering it through.

Chapter 16 - The Fabian Society
At the end of the 19th century the Lombards returned a third time inside the Fabian Society, which created the Labour party.  Outwardly a utopian (socialist) commune, the Fabian inner “Council of the Elect” set off the Boer War and assisted in funding the Russian Revolution.

Chapter 17 - Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
The British Empire was to be destroyed and the peoples’ belief in God, morals, ethics and objective loyalty could best be destroyed by destroying God.   Darwinian “godless socialism” was organised through Conti’s assistant called Ortes, and through Darwin’s Grandfather from the occult lodge in Edinburgh.  

Chapter 18 - The Fourth Seal: Occult Communism
All main Communists were Red lodge members first, worshippers of Satan second, but controlled by Western bankers third.  There was no room for Communism, which never existed.

Chapter 19 - The Russian Oligarchy
The bankers can be named and the amounts they contributed to the Russian Revolution are well recorded.  No one has faced up to what Communism is and what this means.  A Cold War, for instance, would have to be faked.

Chapter 20 - The Banker
Central banking moved from Venice in the 16th century and was administered from Geneva and Holland, where it came over to Britain as the old Bank of England.  Debt creation at both national level and personal level followed, along with usury, war making and paper currency.  Britain went for reform finally.

Chapter 21 -  BIS, Council on Foreign Relations and More About Banks J.P.Morgan, who created the central bank called the USA Federal Reserve System, also created the Bank of International Settlements, and shows where the Lombards went.  Both banks are run from Switzerland.  Now they control the Euro also.  The Council on Foreign Relations, created by the bankers of the FRS, BIS, and Round Table controls most high positions in the USA.

Chapter 22 - 1942
In 1942, those who funded Hitler and made war profits, arranged a conference in Canada, abandoning Hitler and instead planning the European Union as an eventual merger of Russia and America in Europe.  

Chapter 23 - The United Nations
John Dulles, of the Lombard tradition in America, was a right wing supporter of Eugenics.  He chose an entirely Communist committee to run the “world government” of the world peasant commune in the making.  Banker Rockefeller, promoter of wars, provided the land upon which The UN stands.

Chapter 24 - Bilderberg
It is known for its black limousines, secrecy and slight stench of danger, but what is it?  

Chapter 25 - Trilateral Commission, 1972
Trilateral Commission wants the world as one geographical unit split into trading regions, which it wants to control through an electronic-paper money system called Special Drawing Rites.  Those who rightly avoid the Euro have been outmanoeuvred as always by this new global threat.

Chapter 26 - The Marburg Educational Community
Europeans call it Synarchy, the American’s Marburg and the British Common Purpose.  Avoiding democrats and electorates, this is the attempt to create a peasant commune in America for the people, run by right wing bankers.  

Chapter 27 -  The Occult EU
The occult groups under Lombard pay as based in the Fratres Lucis as founded in the Lombard EMR, assisted the European Union into existence.  The occult Knights Templar called for the United States of Europe in 1849.  

Chapter 28 -  The Political EU
The political EU was planned by Lombard agent Guiseppi Mazzini as Giovine Europa in 1837, after the failure of Napoleon.    The bankers in Europe organised it through the American bankers to hide what they were doing, starting in earnest in the 1920’s, They assisted Hitler, but as he weakened they used a “rogue” branch of the CIA, as of 1942, to manipulate a Cold War and, under that threat, they brought in the EU.  

Chapter 29 - Mont Pelerin and Heritage
Bankrupting an independent Britain is the game, with Mont Pelerin inside No 10 in the Thatcher years and Heritage in America under Reagan. The depletion of our industries has been deliberate and malicious, as has been misguided advice over our icons of world trade, as in the disappearance of the Royal Yacht and famous car names.  

Chapter 30 -  Mind Benders of Frankfurt
Both the Cold War and the decline of the family unit, also the turning of people into debt-ridden consumers, have come from the Frankfurt movement.

Chapter 31 -  Synarchy
Synarchy, just a linked part of everything else that is from the oligarchy, teaches Nazi-Communism.  It ran Hitler’s Vichy France as a model for post war democracy.  Its long pedigree produced the America Hawks.  

Chapter 32 - Functionalism
At the base of our problems in democracy is the un-elected regional assembly, the creation of wider “national regions” not properly defined for acts of treason, and the work behind the scenes of the Lombards in Brussels. Parliament has been greatly weakened by a European parliament and then deliberately sidelined by regional fanatics.
Political Correctness is the language of the disenfranchised local person, as all local things must go in favour of regional language, which crosses boarders and destroys national identity.
Corrupt CEO’s may help pubs to close through a greed nearly matched, but not quite, by undue government taxes.  But no will is ever stand up for and stop the closing of the pub or the hunt and all its allied industries, or question that dark vision of contempt for religion seen in the emptying of churches. Even the internet is used to sideline the local Post Office, with absurd sporting gun controls.  
In Britain the Conservative Party has been a steadying influence, but its European trotting politicians bravely signing away our rights have been no match for the cunning that lies beneath the surface against which “war or no” is the only understood language.
Attempts to remove the National Anthem and flag were tried, are tried, and will be tried until the 12 stars of the Doge of Venice fly supreme along with iits Red Cross of the European Secret and the background of the European Sun God.

Chapter 33 - Club of Rome Greenery
The best way to make money is to invest in India and China, make the black smoke of an industrial revolution there but not here, prevent Africa developing by revolution and green movement pressure, spoil the economies of America and Britain and close the coal mines, control Europe though the Euro, and lie like a trooper about the small and harmless quantities of Co 2 that we make. 
Since most Co2 comes from Volcanoes, our MP’s may be sent to outrageous regions to bung them.  The same source under the sea causes more of a dilemma. 

Chapter 34 - The Way Forward
Do the opposite and read how.

High finance, the High Cabal, has been running the Brotherhood of Light very secretly for over 1500 years. It has grown stronger.

From this cabal of the Roman Empire, fashioned again in Venice in 697AD, white slaving and currency manipulation in the Eastern Mediterranean arose. It became the ruthless mask of the Knights Templar, who invaded Europe and Britain in 1150AD. The red lodges that resulted from that period still exist today.

By the mid-16th century the Cabal was back again, this time smashing the monasteries, introducing slavery, large houses, currency manipulation and controlling the East India Company that held power over a fifth of the world's population.

So we trace here the Cabal's hoof prints into the still existing and unsolved Templar mysteries, into the Round Table, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission of today. And we review the world of central banking and the scientific frauds, such as Darwin's theories and the man-made global warming nonsense from the Club of Rome.

After reading this, there is no need to ask who started the American Civil War or Russian Revolution, melted the gold teeth from Auschwitz into the gold bars of the Bank of International Settlements as it resisted closure at Bretton Woods and moved towards World Bank. No need to ask who plans to move democracy into a commune of the oligarchy in which ALL but the bankers will be the peasants of a new political system called "Nazi-Communism".

This is the story of the High Cabal, Brotherhood of Light and Seven Churches of Asia. But it is also the hardheaded story of the European Union, who secretly designed it and what it really is. The Great European Secret remains secret until these words are read, and it is still The Invisible College; until good people ensure that it is otherwise.