After leaving a career at sea as a navigator, the author went to Turkey and crossed the Pontic Alps on horse back in the company of an armed guard

In the region there were signs of “ethnic divisions” but also of the much earlier and rather obscure activities of the old Knights Templar, whose castles stood in the surrounding lowlands. There were also many abandoned or damaged  Greek Orthodox churches .

The official story is that on May 19, 1919, Ataturk landed in Samsun and proclaimed the Kemalist movement that led to the creation of modern Turkey. Following the 1923 exchange of population treaty, the ethnic Greek population was forced to migrate.

However, it struck William that years of ethnic division may be the result of some power that disturbs us all from time to time and not just the cause of Ataturk

How strange that one should come to a place of solitude, miles from anywhere, reached only by horse back, to find the true evils of mankind drawn graphically in the silent ruins of what once were hearths, homes and places of living, laughing and of worship.

And that is what started the thoughts that led on to William Stuart's books,  the Invisible College, the Great European Secret and the Invisible College, Demons of the Third Reich. 

William pondered the question as to how and why so much chaos repeatedly comes to well organised countries and in this case, to kindly Turks and to Greeks living miles from “civilisation”.

What is going on in our world that people, Greeks and Turks, living happily together for centuries, can turn against each other even in remote rural areas, where people so often depend upon each other? 

Why does division of peoples and then violence keep happening?  Religion is sometimes blamed, but that is one of the great healing ointments that mankind has. There is something else, something that divides us, religion against religion, race against race, but even more profoundly there is something that divides one race against itself also. 

One fact appeared to dominate his journey.  After 1095 AD the Knights Templar set off on the Crusades, leaving one of their gigantic castles near to the area where ethnic cleansing took place in the 20th century.  Here again in the Crusades, one system was set against another for reasons the history books term as “religious” although there was little religion practiced.  So what was the truth?

To begin to understand what the Templars were doing there, William started to study the Templar Mysteries, of the Knights themselves, of the Order of Sion, Rennes-le-Chateau and the Shugborough Monument, Templar Masonry and the Templar obsession with the man of 666, the Merovingian King Dagobert 11.  As the codes and mysteries were cracked by William, so the glimpses began of another, secretive dimension intruding into our world.

In 1095, at the beginning of the Crusades, the Lombard bankers of Venice provided a secret society for the Templars, based upon the Eleusinian Mystery Religion.  The gold of Venice was paid to the Crusaders as and when they attacked even Christian cities in the Eastern Mediterranean to expand the Lombards empire of slavery and looting and of the silk and spice trades.

Over time the Templars were closed down as a Christian order, but long after they had established the lodges of Edinburgh, Naples, Paris and Stockholm in 1150AD.  They continued on through history as Templar Masons, in the service of the Lombard bankers in the financial rape of Europe and Britain, culminating in financial disaster from 1340 AD onward. 

Driven back to Venice, the Lombards then sought control over Britain, operating now from Geneva.  They struck in the Reformation, and learned to control the 1600’s (British) East India Company.

Then driven out of Britain by the reforms of the 18th and 19th century, and by the closure of the (British) East India Company, the Lombards returned yet again in the Fabian Society at the end of the 19th century, but moved their main centre to America.

Now all of this may seem a long way from the Pontic Alps and Turkey.  But the Templars were owned by the Lombard bankers in whose service they remained to the present day.  Of course today they are Templar Masons of occult lodges. And as part of their Young Movement, which we shall call “radical counter-culture”, they laid their deadly seeds in Turkey as elsewhere.

Alexander Helphand, better known as Parvus, was a financier of the 1905 and 1917 Russian revolutions. He moved to Turkey in 1905, where he became the economics editor of a Young Turk newspaper called The Turkish Homeland. He returned to Europe, to arrange the secret train that took Lenin back to Russia, in 1917.

Another member of the Young Turks lodges like Parvus was Sebottendorff, who was a Knights Templar of the “A and P” rite.  He opened the Thule Society, which by design, recruited  Adolph Hitler in Germany. 

Hidden away in Turkey there was a dark organisation, working with 120-140 Broadway New York, the offices of the American Lombards at that time, which organized both Communism and Nazism for Geneva.

 The three groups used to found the Turkish lodges, namely the Young Movement (Young Turks), B'nai B'rith, and A and P Templar Masonry , were also used to start the American Civil War.  The Young Turks became the militant Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn started the troubles in Turkey and the ethnic problems for the Greeks

It is probable that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was a man of great vision, for he established a secular state so to avoid what was behind the Muslim Brotherhood of his time. The Latin alphabet came from him, compulsory education and female rights to education.

This was a man who wanted peace abroad and at home.  He would say, "Humankind is a single body and each nation a part of that body. We must never say 'What does it matter to me if some part of the world is ailing ?' If there is such an illness, we must concern ourselves with it as though we were having that illness."

                                                  What harm could he do?

Visiting Turkey was the beginning of the long trail, the gathering of data, the cracking of codes, and the discovery of life after death for what Albert Pike, Grand Master and assistant to the murder of Lincoln, called the “buried association”.  That Young Movement today, the “buried association” divides the world into ten trading regions owned from Geneva and Brussels. 
REGION 2 is: Western Europe, British Isles, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Turkey.

William comments that he hopes that if Turkey ever joins the European Union, that organisation will have by then abandoned the political domination of others that marks it out in opposition to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, president for 15 years, whose achievements are a legacy to the modern state of Turkey as a pioneer of national liberation.  To liberation from all oppression, this book is dedicated.