"I have a new hero! If only this book had existed 50 year ago. I spent the last fifty years becoming a Truth-er and if I had read this book in the beginning, I could have known the danger to my country and to the world then, instead of a long process of gradual awaking. Many Truth-ers began their journey with 9/11. Mine began with the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963.

The Invisible College by William Stuart is the most revealing book I have ever read. But more important it is on a subject that turns a light on a mortal danger that is very real and effects you and your kids". READ MORE

REVIEW on Guerilla Media by Larry Engel

A riveting and informative read for anyone interested in learning about the hidden cabal that has organised every major world event.

In this book we learn the truth about 9.11, what really happened, who was involved and what agenda they were following, an agenda that goes further back in history than we might first believe.

As well as exposing how the plans of the past were executed in the present, the author also traces the plans for a final world war and how it is intended to come about. Like every major crises humanity has been plunged into, this potential war is merely another part in the sequence of events that has brought us to where we are now.

With specific reference to the banking system, secret societies and the industrial military complex,  William Stuart brings the reader on a journey from the an end that has yet to be realised.
Gemma Phelan, author and editor

"I think it is vitally important that we, as citizens, are informed about the background of the banking and power systems. If we continue to live in ignorance as to how this power game works then we will continue to be manipulated by corrupt forces. Mr. Stuart's book has been well researched and provides the answers to so many questions. I really recommend people to read this detailed and comprehensive work"
Janie from Tax Free 15